Other than software development, we provide general IT Services for customers such as hardware or software troubleshooting, network installation and setup, PC or laptop upgrading and other related services. Below are list of IT services we provide to our customers.

General IT Services

Virus & Spyware Removal

Even if you have anti-virus software or anti-spyware software installed, sometimes it won't remove all the virus or spyware properly. Moreover, it will leave the registry untouched. So, when there are some registry that will run a virus/spyware automatically, there are higher chances the same virus/spyware infect your computer again. We have developed few tools ourselves to check this registry and will delete the registry which runs the virus automatically. We have successfully removed many stubborn viruses such as Brontok very easily with our tools. No reformat is necessary where many other vendors suggest reformatting your computer when your computer was infected by Brontok.

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting

Hardware & Software problems are common problems other than virus and spyware. We solved many hardware & software related problems such as dead PC (Computer cannot be booted), hard disk crashed/corrupted, computer always hang, forgotten Administrator's password and many others. We had serviced old PC from 486 to the latest processors.

Hardware upgrading

Did you feel that your computer is very slow? Do you need to upgrade your processor or RAM or even your hard disk without reinstalling it? No problem. We are here to help you. We provide a best solution by upgrading your old computer hardware to new hardware either by adding a new computer parts or by replacing your computer parts with higher/faster computer parts. Normally your don't have to reinstall your windows and other application even if you wish to upgrade your hard disk.

Network Cabling/Network Troubleshooting

If you wish to do network cabling or wish to setup Wi-Fi network in your office or resident, contact us. We will provide you with both wired and wireless solution to suite your needs. We troubleshoot your network problem such as internet cannot be reached, website cannot be opened or even cannot access your internal office server and so forth.